Instructional Tech Infographic

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Acting as a Digital Citizen

What does it mean to be a digital citizen? Acting as a digital citizen refers to users that abide by the norms of appropriate and responsible technology usage. It means that we need to be respectful to others and respectful to ourselves when using technology. What we write online stays forever, so we must be careful what we say.

Safety and Security in Technology

As we become a more and more technologically based society, it is very important that we have safety and security in our usage. This can include strong passwords on all sites, as well as different passwords on different sites. It also includes being private about personal information including location (where you live and where you are) and other important details including bank routing numbers, visa numbers, social security numbers, and so on.

The Ethics and Community of Technology

The ethnic and community of technology is similar to being a digital citizen. Our online community needs to respect the privacy of others, respect for people to be creative and to be expressive within our own identities without feeling pressure, and openness to different cultures. Ethnics span beyond our personal encounters, and extend to the online atmosphere.

Digital Literacy

As a digital citizen, it is important to also have digital literacy. Having digital literacy means a person feels comfortable using technology to create, fix, develop, publish, share, and utilize all of the different possibilities of the technology.