Like a Good Neighbor....

Earth is over here. This is your chance to come to Earth

History of Earth

Earth is the third planet from the sun. It is also the only planet known to harbor life, have an atmosphere that contains 21 percent oxygen, and that has liquid water on its surface.

What does Earth look like?

Earth is a very interesting planets, and when you arrive you will most likely see the massive oceans, and the the one moon that earth has.

Other Information about Earth

-We have seasons because the Earth is tilted on an axis.

-Rotation is how the earth rotates on its axis, and revolution is how Earth spins around the sun.

-All of the planets in our solar system are round because the force of gravity pulled all of the molten materials towards the center of the planets and when they hardened they stayed spherical.

-A light year is the distance the light travels in one year, which is nearly 6 trillion miles.

- Gravity is responsible for the formation of our solar system, and the solar system formed from a huge cloud of gas and dust.

What to bring?

You should bring clothes for different temperatures on Earth.