January Newsletter

What's Upcoming?

February CC Meeting- Saturday, Feb 1st @ 11am at Rhonda Howell's Mom's for local girls!, registration is over BUT late registration starts today Jan 13th and runs thru Jan 21st, $5 late fee for expedited shipping of your amenity. If you need help finding a meeting local to you text/email/call me and I will find one for you!

National Conference BUCKS!- Jan 1-April 30 is the time to earn $$ for conference! This year they are taking a total new TWIST! You can earn different levels of money off!!! So you aren't "out" if you don't earn it for FREE! You can still go at a discounted rate if you don't meet the level for $250 conference bucks!!

Here's the levels:

2 stars- $50 off

4 stars- $100 off

8 stars- $200 off plus a 8-star kit

12 stars- $200 off , Super Saturday, 8 star kit, and a 12 star kit!

How do you earn stars?

1 star= $300 in personal volume

1 star= earn $500 April Ready Set Sale Kit

2 stars= earn $1000 April Ready Set Sale Kit

1 star= Recruit and Qualify a new Consultant before April 30th

1 star= Promote to the next level!!

2 stars= NEWLY ENROLLED CONSULTANTS Jan 1- April 30tj

1 star- each level of Startswell you earn!

SNOWBALL FIGHT!- You can read more on TOT but basically post a pic of a snowflake on facebook everytime you book a party. We are gonna make it a BLIZZARD on facebook!!! Join in!


GOLD STAR (Over $500 in sales for the month):

Leah Bruce- $1094

Jen Lindemann- $722

January is HAPPENING NOW!!!

What are some good booking tools this month?

-DOUBLE HOSTESS REWARDS MONTH!!! That means its the BEST time to book parties!!!! If a host gets at least $600 in sales they can DOUBLE there FREE $ to spend on products! It's like Christmas all over again!

-Tax Return Time!!- Yes Christmas just happened but hey its time for tax returns, so people will have that extra cash to spend!

-Fundraisers!!- Kids are starting up new sports and second semester fundraisers! Have a Thirty-One fundraiser and if you need help putting it together, I will be HAPPY to assist and send my old templates!

-Valentines Day!!- Tell those girls to make a wish list and send you the hubby's email and you will MAKE IT HAPPEN! Flower's die and chocolate makes us fat.... let's be honest, they want a new BAG!

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February is around the corner!!

A sneak peek at what's to come!

-FREE Zip-top Organizing Utility for Hostesses of $600 parties

-$5 Embroidery

-$10 Zip Top Org Utility for Guests (w $35 spent)

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