October in the Library

Bookfair is coming!

Sign up HERE if you can help! You will need to create a free account but that is just to get the reminders. If you experience a problem just email Ms. Oliverson (aolive@neisd.net) with the times you can come and she will plug you in. We use funds raised by bookfair to add to our library collection and to save to invite great authors and illustrators (last year we hosted Aaron Reynolds!). And even more importantly it's a fun and still affordable way (many of these books are not available in paperback elsewhere) to add to your child's personal library.

See the fair homepage at this link.

Oct. 15-19.

Monday-Thursday 8:20-3:45 and Friday 8:20-12:30.

You can shop online (with more products available) Oct. 7-20 and everything will ship to the school for free.

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October is for Overdrive

Our district is trying to get 20,000 checkouts and books read this month. We can do it with your help! And the three elementary schools with the most checkouts will win $500 toward their OWN collections of electronic materials that while sharing is good ... they would not have to share with the rest of the district. That would be pretty cool, right? So ... check out books from the comfort of your couch! And read (or listen!).

If you "like" our FB fan page Ms. Oliverson sometimes posts Overdrive suggestions there ... for the kids or for adults because adults can be readers, too. Kids learn from watching!

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Three Books for Hispanic Heritage Month

Seesaw from the Library

We've been dipping our toes into the Seesaw world. Have you heard about it yet? Your classroom teachers will be sending home links to their particular classroom Seesaw folders and in many cases you'll find at least one library activity posted there. We're sort of helping everyone learn how it works and a little bit of what it can do (share student electronic work in a safe and secure environment). So far we've done electronic breakouts recognizing genres for grades 3-5 and making a talking alligator in Chatterpix after reading Alan's Big Scary Teeth (by Jarvis) in grades K-1. My absolute most favorite thing I am excited about is the book talking in 5th grade. If you remember Reading Rainbow at all it's sort based around how kids used to make videos at the end of that, talking about books and trying to convince viewers to read them? Fifth graders are creating short videos about books they have read, then watching each others videos and making positive comments. It's a way to build reading community, learn about books, and practice digital citizenship. Win-win!

Below are just screenshots from the app. Students can see each other when they log in. Parents can see only their own child's work when they log in. It can be used to share kids explaining a math problem or pictures of a science experiment or recordings of a student reading a poem. It's pretty cool. If you haven't heard about it yet no doubt you will. And 2nd grade? I'm coming for you! You haven't been forgotten!

Literary Pumpkin Patch

It's that time of year again!

The pumpkins should represent a BOOK CHARACTER.

Real or artificial pumpkins/gourds/squash should be no larger than a basketball. Decorate using paint, markers, colored paper, felt, foam, yarn, etc. Experiment as some paints/glues stick better to real pumpkins, others better to fake pumpkins. Please make sure your pumpkins are elementary friendly--nothing gory, even if it is from a book.

Do not carve or cut the real pumpkins, please. We won’t be able to accept anything that might start to rot.

Deliver decorated pumpkins no earlier than 7:15 AM on Monday, Oct. 22nd and no later than Wednesday, Oct. 24th. Before school between 7:15 and 7:45 the librarian will be available to personally take pumpkins; after school the librarian is busy with dismissal so you’ll need to find your own spot. There will be tables in the front foyer for display. Once those are full we’ll add tables in the adjoining hallways.

Please include the character’s name (and book title and author if not easily recognizable) as well as the student’s name and their teacher … either written on the back of the pumpkin or attached on a tag or with an index card..

Participating students will receive a Spirit Stick when they pick up their pumpkin to take home between 2 and 3:30 PM on Friday, Oct. 26th or Monday, Oct. 30th.

Participation is totally voluntary. We’re excited to see what you come up with!