Development of a 6 year old

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Emotional Characteristics

  • Sense of security is reliant on their relationships with close adults.
  • Shows increasing awareness of their own and others emotions.
  • Describes their self, based on external characteristics such as name and age.

Physical Characteristics

Boys are usually 46 1/4 inches tall and weigh 49 1/2 lbs while girls are 45 1/2 inches tall and weigh 47 lbs. Around this time, they start to resemble the lanky adolescents they will become one day.

Social Characteristics

  • Identifies close friends on the basis of proximity and frequency of interaction.
  • Has the ability to resolve conflict in socially acceptable ways. (e.g. talking through things or asking an adult for assistance.)
  • Aware that other people have different perspectives, thoughts, and feelings about ideas.

Physical Care

  • Needs to be encourage to dress themselves.
  • Proper nutrition helps their body grow and resist infections.
  • Bedtime routines are a must!!!

Fine Motor Skills

  • Pictures and stories look more recognizable.
  • Writing significantly improves.

Gross Motor Skills

  • Play sports such as soccer.
  • Maintaining balance and coordination.