Architectural Engineering Manager

Research Information

Job Activities

Architectural Engineering Managers arrange, or plot and coordinate activities in architectural and engineering companies or associations.

Salary/Median Pay

In 2012, $124,870 was the median annual wage. Gaining $60.03 per hour


Available "Me Time?"

Most managers spend their workday in an office. Although, architectural engineering managers commonly do work full-time. This, uniquely allow them to depart from their job while being employed. However, this vacation must be very brief, such as about 6 to 8 days.


Workplace location?

Lifestyle fit workplace?

Frequently changing work

Some architectural engineering managers may work in industrial plants and laboratories, and sometimes a construction sites


Most architectural engineering managing jobs require a Masters and Bachelors Degree. Arizona University is most likely the best college for this job.They often require oral comprehension, problem sensitivity, oral expression, and deductive reasoning. Physical strength is also needed to lift and carry heavy objects, which happens occasionally.