Tech at The Bend

August 2019

First things first...

Would you believe there have been ninety-one IT Direct technology tickets received for The Bend since August 2, 2019? Three-quarters of those been successfully resolved and closed and I continue to chip away at the remaining and incoming tickets each day--often with the priceless support of the brilliant technicians from the BOE. I know I've said this before, but thank you all for your kindness, patience, and grace as we continue to get everyone's classrooms fully operational, tech-wise.

Many have asked about specific instructional technologies and I wanted to share all updates I have in one place at one time. If you notice something is not addressed here, please reach out and let me know so I can track down answers for you.

IT Direct

IT Direct remains Cherokee Bend's best practice for requesting tech support. More than likely, your email got buried while I was out and about. While I have the very sincere intention to follow up on that problem you stopped me about in the hallway, I was on my way to help another teacher and I more than likely forgot about your request by the time I completed what I was headed to. All of this to say, there is no support request too small or too large for IT Direct; if ever in doubt, just submit a ticket :)

New Technology Usage Policy

The school board approved a new Responsible Use Policy; a deeper dive into this new document is in the works, but in the meantime, please be aware of two key points:

1. Posting to personal social media accounts during the work day is a no-no

2. Artificial Intelligence (AI) devices such as Google Home, Amazon Echos (Alexa), etc. are not allowed in classrooms.

Beware of Malware

Malware attacks continue to be a very real and a very important concern, especially in light of recent attacks that specifically targeted school districts. Preserving the security of our data and information is of utmost importance, so always pause and think before clicking on links or opening files received through email or found through Internet browsing. Here are some safe links to news articles about recent attacks:

Alabama School System Forced to Move Start Date Again Due to Malware Attack

Newport School Computers Hit with Potential Malware Attack

Performance Series Express

The TestNav and Performance Series apps have been pinned to the K-8 student Chromebooks on the startup page. This is the same process as we have done in the past.

  • The students will not have to log into the Chromebook.
  • On the Chromebook startup page, click the circle in the lower left corner where the student should be able to see both the Performance Series and TestNav apps.

Please check that these apps both appear prior to testing and submit an IT Direct request with the barcode numbers of all Chromebooks that are missing the apps.


For those of you who use Canvas, if you have students in a course who do not belong in that course, please submit an IT Direct request that lets me know which students to remove from which courses.

Teacher Webpages

  • If you need help uploading a grade level picture, please let me know. I'll be happy to help.
  • Teacher bios on the "About Teacher" pages should be written in third-person and accompanied by a professional photo. Please double-check that your page meets these expectations at your earliest convenience.

Ready or Not?*

  • Typing Agent - Ready and accessible via ClassLink
  • STEMscopes - Ready and accessible via ClassLink
  • Hapara - Ready and accessible via Google dashboard
  • IXL - in process; the district is handling this via OneRoster
  • BrainPOP - in process; the district is handling this via OneRoster
  • SeeSaw - in process by the district office & hoping to have ready by Parent Night on Thursday
  • WeVideo - in process by Sharon Mumm
  • Pearson - being uploaded by the district (8/21) today
  • PLTW - in process, I am working on this one

*I can only speak to the status of these platforms at Cherokee Bend as of 8/21/2019; other schools may be at different points in the launch process than we are

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