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Fine Arts

2015 November GES Arts Events

  • 1-5th Conservation Visual Art Contest (in school participation)

  • K&1st Grade Thanksgiving Program in GES Gym at 11:30a.m.


Congratulations to all the GES Fall

Festival Art Contest Winners!

Pumpkins: Jaxon Myers, Sadie Duncan, Brianna Harris, Sylas Duncan, Raylee Phillips, and Zoey Mason.

Scarecrows: Channer Wilson, Raelynn Kimble, Emma Duncan, Marcos Landeros, Zoey Mason, and Aubrey Burford.


Please check to see if your child might have any overdue books.

As we take a look in our Grapevine library many Fall themed books can be found.

As you begin to think about the upcoming holidays or birthdays, remember that books make great gifts!


November is upon us and it’s crazy how fast the school year is moving along.

November will be team sport month. We will learn fundamentals of football and start fundamentals of basketball. We will also learn about Healthy Habits.

This is the time of year to be thankful and I am thankful to have Daniel Croft helping us out while learning about Physical Education teaching in the real world. What are you thankful for?

Did you know: You should brush your teeth twice a day for two minutes. Studies have shown a connection between better dental health and better overall health and vice versa.

Computer Lab

Did you know that the fastest typist in the world is a woman that is able to type 170 words per minute? Touch typing is a "must have" skill in our digital world. Since studies have shown that it is two times easier to learn to touch type properly when you are young we practice a lot of typing at GES. Our goal for K-2 is 6 WPM with a 60% accuracy and for 3-5 15 WPM with a 85% accuracy. The fastest typists at GES are:

Matthew Williams (17 WPM 96% acc)

Joshua Martin (16 WPM 96% acc)

Paul Harris (16 WPM 98% acc)

Stevey Williams (13 WPM 96% acc)