among the barons

Patrick's Reading Log Summaries

Author- Margaret Peterson Haddix

Summary- 4.8.13

Tre said Mr.Hendricks wants to see him. Everybody thinks Luke/Lee is in trouble. Luke realizes when Mr. Hendricks tells him he is getting a surprise visit from his brother Smits. Smits is the real Lee Grant's brother. His is unaware that his real brother was killed in a skiing accident. Luke is worried about himself. He is scared Smits will find out that Luke is an imposter and will turn him in. Smits arrives Luke is biting his nails Smits doesn't care or notice.

Summary- 4.9.13

Everybody is talking about Smits. He's complaining about how there is no windows and every one would die if there's a fire. After talking with Smits, Luke headed back to his room. Luke had fallen asleep. All of a sudden somebody woke him. The loud speakers blared "EVACTUATE THERE IS A FIRE"! On the other side of the room a door opened. It was a passage out.

Summary 4-10-13

Luke was up, he had to get the other kids out. Some kids held back they couldn't go outside. Finally he managed to get them out. Mr.Dirk said to Luke that they needed to get the rest out. Luke didn't know what time it was all he knew was they got all of the kids from the second and third floors. He realized that Smits was on the fourth floor! No body knew where Smits was.