The Daintree Lover!!



Today, Angela interviewed the amazing DAVID ATTENBOROUGH, who had recently been adventuring through the wonderful rainforest of Queensland, THE DAINTREE. He has concluded that the rainforest is a worthy place to become one of the SEVEN WONDERS!! What might he say about this wondrous place?? Well we just found out....


Angela:Did you notice any human damage in the Daintree Rainforest?

David: Yes I have, I have seen some bulldozers cutting down some of the trees. It was a horrible sight. I tried to stop them but they wouldn't listen. Even though I was full of rage I kept walking on the trail. After seeing this I have started a petition on saving the trees and animals!

Angela:What different animals did you encounter?

David:I saw some various animals including scurrying Boyd's dragons to the southern cassowary. It has come to may attention that some animals are endangered and as I have stated earlier I will do my best to save them.

Angela:Did any animals threaten to hurt or leap onto you?

David:Yes, I was able to sight the ferocious Estuarine Crocodile in the shores of the beach.It literally leapt onto me and I had to defend myself with a stick.I then stuck the stick into the crocodile's mouth.Following that I saw some Feral Pigs eating away on the native trees so I tried to edge it away but was unsuccessful.Then came the angry Golden Spider that came and bit me while I was resting.Though I was fortunate to have lived.

Angela:What was your inspiration for your exploration career?

David:It started when I was a little boy.I dreamed of adventuring through this diverse rainforest and setting foot on the inside of one of the great wonders of Australia.As I grew up,I learned all the features of this place with the help of amazing teachers and parents.

Angela:What part of the journey grabbed your attention?

David:Well,after I had seen the main attractions,I had decided to pick the fantastic Dragonfly Gallery.The amazing artworks done by famous artists, was sensational.Alsothe magnificent sculptures stood out from the marvellous painting.I hope the wonderful Daintree workers continue to advance through their work.Also I sighted many ice-cream shops.On my way past all of these shops I would usually take a scoop of their scrumptious Black Sapote ice-cream.

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That was all that David Attenborough had time for.His experience was amazing, wasn't it?I do hope he keeps up this amazing work and awesome adventures.Do you???Do you want to become an explorer?Let us know on 1300 RAINFOREST and your item might get published.
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