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January 6, 2020


Happy New Year

Happy New Year Crosbyton Secondary! The beginning of a new year and calendar seems like an obvious time to speak about new beginnings. I am certain that many of you even have a few New Year's Resolutions. However, since January is really the start of the second part of our school year, I would prefer not to focus on new initiative but revisit and adjust those we already have in place.

Therefore, the focus of our January Professional Learning is to revisit initiatives we have in place and evaluate their effectiveness. Once again, Happy New Year and I ask that you consider the words of C.S. Lewis when he states that... "you are never too old to set a new goal or to dream a new dream."

Have a great week and as always... It's a Great Day to be a Chieftain!

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Semester Exam Exemptions

Students may be exempted from semester exams each semester under the conditions outlined below

  1. The student maintains a 96% attendance rate through the semester.
  2. The student must be passing all courses for the semester.
  3. The student has no major discipline defined as no more than four detentions, So Saturday School, no ISS or OSS moving forward.
  4. The student must be free of fees and fines from the Library.
  5. Students who are exempt but choose to take a semester exam can only improve their grades. In this case, the semester exam cannot negatively impact the semester average.

It is the student's responsibility to maintain all qualifying criteria moving forward. Failure to do so will disqualify the student's eligibility for any exemption.

Calendar of Events

Monday, 1/6
  • Staff Development
  • Student Holiday

Tuesday, 1/7

  • Beginning of 4th Six Weeks
  • 5:00 pm CHS at Post

Wednesday, 1/8

  • Enrichment: Juniors & Seniors with TSTC

Thursday, 1/9

  • 5:00 pm CMS vs New Home

Friday, 12/20

  • 4:00 pm CHS Girls at New Home
  • 5:00 pm CHS Boys vs Spur

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