Greek Mythology Web Quest

Complete this extra credit assignment using your packet :)

1. Watch this introduction video to the Greek Gods :)

The Greek Gods

2. Begin reading over your worksheet!

3. Start your WEB QUEST to find out information about Greek Mythology!

Task 1

How will you complete this task?

Use the links below to find out more about the Greek Gods and Goddesses :)

1. Click on the box below to take you to the website with information about each God or Goddess.

2. Click on each link with the God or Goddess' name to find out more information about them and complete your worksheet, recording your findings.

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Task 2

How will you complete the task?

You will learn more about Greek culture using the links below. Use any other materials found on these pages (including other links to relevant material about the topic. You may have to HUNT! So be willing to search for the answers to questions that you have. Research is YOUR FRIEND :)

1. Click on each link to read more about culture.

2. Complete task 2 responses on your worksheet.

3. Watch the bonus video at the bottom to help you gather even more information.

Everyday Life in Ancient Greece

Task 3 (Parts A, B and C)

How will you complete the task?

Now, using what you have your OWN god or goddess!

1. Tell about your values or things you think are important (5 examples on your worksheet.)

2. Design your own God or Goddess.

2. Complete the graphic organizer on your worksheet with your ideas about your uniquely created immortal.

3. Draw the picture on your worksheet below the graphic organizer.

Task 4 (Part D)

How will you complete this task?

Write your biography to tell about your God or Goddess. Tell about them: tell their name, about their symbol (what it looks like and why it is an important representation of them), what they are like, who they are related to (of the 12 Olympians that you learned about in task 1), tell their strengths and weaknesses, other interesting details about them, why you chose to create them and why they are significant to society/the world.