World Vision Australia

Save the life of others

How does Charity help?

Wherever and whenever then happen, World Vision is poised to provide on-the-spot assistance to those affected by disasters and emergencies-whether natural or man-made.Our involvement lasts longer than the headlines as we deliver.
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How can people help this charity?

Did you know that according to world vision estimates, in the last year Australian aid alone has saved the lives of at least 200,000 people, helped provide basic education for 500,000 children and helped 440,000 people gain access to clean water

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What is the latest project.

As a child sponsor, the difference you'll make means more than you think. You'll help to create lasting change in children's live's by transforming the world they live in.

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4 Interesting facts

1. World Vision staff here- in Australia an overseas-monitor and visit projects and organise audits or project finnance to make certain that all funds are property used.

2. A management systems has been set up that avoids any individual having exclusive rights to spend large amounts of money.

3. Through background checks on staff are conducted.

4. Local employees are trained and deter fraud.

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