The 5 people you meet in Heaven

Mitch Albom- Questions and answers

Commentary and Questions

Question- Where did you get the idea for this book?

Answer- Imagination helps a lot, but mostly just thinking about things I have wondered and then making them into something I would want to write about.

Question- Why did the story start at his death and show his life before he died?

Answer- Because all ends are new beginnings. The story of his life starts with death, then goes back and looks at the people and things that made his life how it was.

Question-Why did you write about Eddie? There are Millions of other people you could have wrote this about... so why him?

Answer- Eddie had a life full of things that just made it perfect to write about. Action, sadness, anger, he even lived through a war. Everything was set up in an amazing way. And I respect him serving our country and saving that little girl.

More Questions

Question- Why write about death? U did another death story on " Tuesday With Moray." But why?

Answer- I guess death is kinda just everywhere. The sooner you except that the sooner you can move on and enjoy life to the fullest. That's what I want others to see when it comes to life and death matters.

Question- Why did Rudy show up at a dinner in the middle of nowhere? She had no connection with it. Well at least never said she did. And why did she try and help Eddie forgive his dad? She didn't even know him. Why are you writing this mans story in heaven, when you haven't even been their yet?!

Answer- Rudy introduced herself their because she worked their and that's also where she meet her husband. Pay more attention when reading. Second, she helped him because she knew the dad in someways, and knew that he worked at the pier and felt for him. Last, im not writing his story of what heaven would be lie for him. Its just a guess. Eddie was a real man who did the things he did in the book, and the people he meet where also real and had a massive affect on his life. Thats why.

Even more Questions...

Question- Why in the movie did they cross the ocean to get back to the pier? That never made sense to me. Also when Tala grabbed him and pulled him down into the river, why did he get younger the farther he went?

Answer- To be honest, I didn't favor the crossing to whole ocean underwater just to get back to the pier. I like then setting just changing like the rest of the movie. ANd the reason he got younger as he went on was because he had meet all five people, therefor ending his lesson and freeing the pain his like had caused him.

Question- Why was the captain in a tree?

Answer- Well he wouldn't be on the ground with the land mines and guns. I mean, he did die from a land mine. Why would he still wanna be on the ground?

Question- In the book, after he died he woke up in a tea cup. Why a ferris wheel now?

Answer- He started and ending in the same stop in the movie. He gets up out of the ride in the start, and in the ending, joins his wife on the same wheel.