Wilhelm Wundt

By:Amanda Paulson

Fact's about Wilhelm Wundt

  • Born- August, 16, 1832 in Neckarau, Baden (now part of Mannheim)
  • Died- August, 31, 1920 age:88
  • College- University of Heidelberg, University of Berlin, University of Tubingen
  • Field of Study- Experimental psychology and psychology
  • Family- Married Sophie Mau and had no children
  • Fun fact- offered the first course ever taught in scientific psychology
  • Fun fact- known as one of the founding figures of modern psychology
  • Known as- Father of modern psychology

Wilhelm's contribution to psychology

Wilhelm established the first psychology lab at the University of leipzig in Germany in 1879. In 1883, Wundt's student G. Stanley Hill created the first psychology lab in the United States at John Hopkins University

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