AIG at BCE Teacher Update


Match Team Meetings

The next Match Team meetings are as follows:

  • 3-5 nominations: Monday, February 4th @ 2:50
  • K-2 nominations: Monday, February 18th @ 2:50

Please plan to attend if you are a member of the Match Team or have a student who is nominated :-)

Math Quest, Book Mountain, and H.O.T.S. Club

The beginning of the 3rd nine weeks means new optional extension activities for grades 1 and 2. ALL of the activities can be found on my web page (see links below). If you do not already have a class set of the activities made, you may want to enlist the help of our "mighty moms" to laminate a set for you.

A copy of the letter sent home to parents, a list of activities, and scoring rubrics can also be downloaded. I will make copies of the letter to be sent home and put them in 1st and 2nd grade teachers' boxes.

Math Quest: Use a table/Make a Chart

Book Mountain Jr:Non-Fiction

HOTS Club: Sybil the Scientist

AIG-C Credential Classes

Our NC state AIG standards dictate that … "AIG students are placed in classrooms with teachers who have met the LEA’s professional development requirements for that position or have earned an AIG add-on license.” The NHC AIG Credential course is a terrific way to meet this requirement and learn more about the strengths and needs of our gifted students.

I will offer the AIG Credential course at Bradley Creek in February. The course is approximately 3-4 months long and is a combination of face-to-face training and online activities and assessments through Moodle. The training will provide teachers with specific strategies and tools for working with AIG students.

Please let me know by January 31st if you are interested in participating in the course this spring. :-)

Rigor, Depth, and Complexity

Please remember to bring a unit you have created/taught to our workshop on Tuesday. Be sure to sign up on School link so you can receive SEU credit for the training!

AIG Nominations

Please remember, nominations for AIG can be made at any time throughout the year. Nominations can be made by parents, teachers, and students. Please contact me if you have a student you would like to nominate.

** K-2 students are only identified for "extensive" AIG services; therefore, please consider nominating students who are performing 3-4 years above grade level.