Technology Class

Lineville Intermediate School


  • In iMovie you can pick from different themes to use that will work with the movie you are going to make
  • You are allowed to insert photos from your album into your movie
  • Also you can record new clips into a movie to use
  • There are also sound effects you can add
  • Yuo can also add music as a back round to your movie
  • If your voice sounds weird but you like the clip you can use the voice over opion to record your voice again
  • You can also change the theme if you are doing a movie and don't like the theme


  • In iTrailer you make a trailer for you movie
  • You can pick a theme that fits with what your trailer is going to be about
  • You can put in text where the slides are and what you want them to say
  • You can put in photo and record clips without sound
  • You can put in the cast, studio name, and credits at the end

Haiku Deck

  • Its a presentation that lets you present information with minimal words
  • It lets you either put in sentences, bullets, or numbers
  • You can put in free pictures behind you text
  • There are themes you can pick from that changes the text font and the filter for the photos
  • When done you can email it to a teacher or classmates to share you presentation

Explain Everything

  • You present information or record your voice saying the information displayed
  • You may add in text to the page
  • There is also a option to color as well as erase
  • You can delete text boxes by using the X displayed on the side
  • You have infinite space so you can pan in and out
  • There is also and option to use a laser to show the information while recording
  • When done save it to your photo gallery or email it to a teacher

Go Animate

  • You make a video with characters acting out a scene
  • They can do actions such as walking, throwing, sitting, running...
  • Put in a voice bubble to make them speak and pick from different voices
  • There are many different themes and different scenes to choose from
  • Pick different characters and add them to your story
  • Login in or create a account to save your work
  • Sent you video to a friend