#MichED Chat 4/16/14

"Redefining Curriculum" @ Wednesday, 8 p.m.

Topic: Teaching in the Hybrid Classroom

Join us for the #MichED chat on Redefining Curriculum. This week we will discuss how to improve curriculum in the classroom. Special guest moderator Ginger Lewman will join Ben Rimes to host what will be a great #MichED discussion.

The #MichED chat team for 4/16:

Co-Moderator - Ginger Lewman

Co-Moderator - Ben Rimes


Q1: We know that textbooks are NOT curriculum, so what is? --Ben

Q2: Should teachers have the option to create their own curriculum? -- Ginger (and good follow up to this questions after the initial burst of answers would be "why" or "why not")

Q3: How can we ensure that formal and informal curriculum mesh seamlessly? --Ben

Q4: What would school look like if there wasn’t a curriculum? Would this be disaster, or would there be some positive effects? -- Ginger

Q5: How can administrators support staff when teachers are designing their curriculum? --Ben

Q6: What’s our best advice for a curriculum leader who is trying to shift away from the store-bought curriculum? -- Ginger

April #MichED Chat Topics

4/16/14: Redefining Curriculum (with Ginger Lewman & Ben Rimes)

4/23/14: PLCs - the Good, the Bad, the Ugly

4/30/14: Service Learning (with Rachelle Wynkoop)

The #MichED Chat Team