Come Visit Coastal Sand Plains!!!!

Damian Hernandez

Eco-region located?

The Eco-region is located is on the south tip of Texas. Cities in that region Paris to Texas, San Antonio.

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The weather and the climate is humid, subtropical climate and mild. There are hot summers with temperature's like the upper 90's. Also there are cool winters at the temperature of 50 degrees .

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In the coastal sand plain they have animals such as white tailed deer,nilgai antelope,wild turkeys,bob white quail,and javeline. Also it is the best animals to hunt or view them.

Weathering in the Coastal Sand Plains!

Unstable wind blowin sand procedures the characteristic dunes in this ecoregion.

what kind of erosion!

Sea beats against cliff and wears it down so the cliff either falls into water or its a cave.

Wave erosion is when the waves it moves sediments and erode the oceans floor


Animals bring and place new stuff in new locations