Think Different #11

Resources for the Week of January 9, 2017

2017, I just know it is gonna be great!!

I hope everyone has had a happy and relaxing holiday break and is ready to begin a new semester in 2017.

I will continue the weekly Think Different Newsletters through May, I hope you find these short doses of resources useful.

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Sketchnotes for Educators

By Sylvia Duckworth

Sketchnotes for Educatiors: 100 Inspiring Illustrations for Lifelong Learners,

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Sylvia Duckworth is a Canadian teacher whose sketchnotes have taken social media by storm. Her drawings provide clarity and provoke dialogue on many topics related to education. This book contains 100 of her most popular sketchnotes with links to the original downloads that can be used in class or shared with colleagues. Interspersed throughout the book are Sylvia’s reflections on each drawing and what motivated her to create them, in addition to commentary from other educators who inspired the sketchnotes.

My copy arrived just before Christmas, and wow, amazing, inspiring. Sylvia provides a URL for each Sketchnote so you can download it. Bless her! Here is one to inspire you for this new year.

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Tools to Analyze Your Writing

Hemmingway App

A, just paste your text into the Hemingway editor and it analyze you text. It color codes and highlights the parts like passive voice, adverbs, and overly complex sentences and more. It also gives you a general readability score.

Thanks to Richard Byrne for sharing these resources and creating this short video that shows how easy it is to use to analyze your writing.

What's new in Hemmingwayapp 2.0

How to Analyze Writing With

Analyze My Writing

Paste your text into Analyze My Writing and it will generate lots of information about your text.

It breaks down of the readability of your writing on five indices. The analysis includes:

  • listings of the most common words
  • most common word pairs in your writing.
  • how frequently you use punctuation
  • punctuation types

And interestingly enough, a word cloud is included at the end of the analysis of your writing.

Sonicaid - Music To Inspire Positive Thinking

59 Minutes of Music to Inspire Positive Thinking

These songs use Alpha/Beta/Theta waves along with music to create the desired mental state. I take zero claim or responsibility for anything - positive or negative, direct or indirect, accidental or purposeful - that may come to you or occur within your life and health as a result of these tracks.