You Mental and Emotional Health

A Insight into the road to positive self-esteem

Signs of Good Mental/Emotional Health

  • Realistic about their strengths and weaknesses
  • Are responsible for their personal behavior
  • Avoid high-risk behaviors, such as tobacco, alcohol, or other drugs
  • Are open-minded, flexible, and able to see several sides of an issue.
  • Fun-loving and able to relax alone or with others.
  • Respect both their own needs and the needs of others
  • Respect each person's value as a human being-including their own.
  • Invest time and energy in developing nurturing relationships
  • Expressing emotions in ways that do not hurt themselves or others.
  • Put their talents and abilities to good use.
  • View change and an opportunity

Characteristics of good mental/emotional health

  • Positive Self-Esteem- Feelings of confidence and self-esteem are directly related to a person's general level of wellness. A person with positive self-esteem are better able to accept challenges.
  • Sense of Belonging- Having emotional attachment to family members, friends, teachers, and other people around you provides comfort and assurance. It promotes stability and makes you feel a part of your community.
  • Sense of Purpose- Recognizing your own value and importance enables one to set and achieve goals and engage in activities that are personally rewarding.
  • Positive Outlook- Seeing the bright side and having hope about life reduces stress and increases your energy level. It also increases the possibility of success.
  • Autonomy- Having the confidence to make responsible and safe decisions promotes self-assurance and a sense of independence..

Needs for Good Mental/Emotional Health

  • Physical Needs- Food, water, sleep, and shelter are those basic needs that a person needs, those who deny these needs become physically weak and may develop weaknesses.
  • Need for Safety- It's more that just safeguarding yourself against physical harm. Safety is essential to your personality and can also be psychological in nature. The safety of familiar places and your loved ones is essential to one's self.
  • Need to be Loved and to Belong- Everyone needs to give love and to know that he or she is loved in return. Humans are social beings and we need to interact with others and know that we are valued members of a group that enhances our physical, mental, or social health. Feeling a sense of belonging can increase your confidence and strengthen your mental/emotional health/
  • Need to be Valued and Recognized- We need to feel appreciated to be personally valued by our loved ones and those close around us. To meet this need you can participate in productive activities such as studying, playing an instrument, or sport, volunteering, writing, etc. It will give you the ability to do something well along with gaining respect and a feeling of self-worth.