Easy bake for boys?

By: Casey Wisniewski

The Article

This was about a 13 year old girl named McKenna Pope who recently wanted to buy her 4 year old brother an Easy Bake Oven because he liked to cook. When she went to the store to buy one she saw they only came in purple and pink promoting the use of girls. She felt like the owner of Easy Bake Oven (Hasbro) was being unfair to boys. So she wrote an Online petition in the beginning of December saying how they should make Easy Bakes with boy colors (Black, Silver and Blue) and over the course of a little over a week she got 30,000 signatures on the petition. Then on December 17th, she was invited to Hasbro headquarters to discuss the problem. The solution was to agree to McKenna's terms and they will be releasing the newly colored Easy Bake's in 2013.


McKenna Pope (shown above)


She wrote a petition to make boy colored Easy Bake Ovens.
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She is from New Jersey
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From the Beginning of December to December 17th.


She felt like the company Hasbro was being unfair to boys.


She did this by writing an online petition.


I can't really connect to this story.

My thoughts

I think it is good for a girl about our age is doing something she believe is right.