Black Panthers

by Kenyon Smith


The Soviet union was working on sputnik for awhile. It was just a dream that eventually turned into reality. On october 4, 1957 the worlds first artificial satellite was launched. It was the size of a beach ball and took about 98 minutes to orbit the earth on its path. The launch of sputnik started something nobody would have ever thought would happen.military, technological, and scientific developments. The sputnik launch changed everything. Right after the launch of sputnik 1 was launched the united states defense department responded to the political furor by approving the funding for another satellite project. This started the beginning of the U.S and U.S.S.R space race.
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History of the black panthers

  • On April 25th 1967 the first issue of The Black Panther, the party official news organ goes into distribution. In the following month, the party marches on the California state capital fully armed, in protest of the state's attempt to outlaw carrying loaded weapons in public.
  • In October of 1967 the police arrest the Defense Minister of the Panthers Huey Newton for killing an Oakland cop.
  • On April 6 1968, in West Oakland, Bobby Hutton 17 years old, is shot dead by Oakland police.
  • In January 1969 The first Panther's Free Breakfast for School Children Program is initiated at St Augustines Church in Oakland.
  • In the summer of 1969 the alliance between the Panthers and SNCC begins ripping apart.
  • In 1969 Seale is indicted in Chicago for protesting during the Democratic national convention of last year.
  • In March 1970 Bobby Seale publishes Seize The Time while still being held in prison.
  • In March 1970 the FBI begins to soe seeds of factionalism in the Black Panthers in part by forging letters to members.

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