The thing that I can offer to the world is my experience with the hardships I have faced I how I dealt with them. Two years ago I started smoking marijuana. after about three to four months of that, I started taking dextromethorphan. When I had built up a tolerance for that I started smoking heroin and meth.

I went to treatment in Omaha for nine months where I learned a lot about the nature of drug addiction and other character defects. Now, i’m going to Narcotics Anonymous meetings and going back to my drug treatment centers to share with people how i’ve been doing and how I managed to turn my life around.


The thing that breaks my heart the most is people using destructive drugs which always ruin their lives. I have been there and my experience with drug abuse is devastating and pathetic. I started smoking meth and the age of 16 and heroin right before I turned 17. I was using dextromethorphan since the age of 15 non-stop. I have lived in my home with my parents for a total of six months in the last two and a half years.

I had a friend a while back whose name was Derik. He used meth just like I did and he weighed about 115 pounds. I also had a friend named Jeff who, when on an acid trip, shot himself in the head with a .45 magnum. I have seen drugs tear apart families, destroy, and kill people.


My Greatest Fear right now is how i’m going to take care of my girlfriend and our kid. I worry that I won’t have enough money or won’t be able to provide for them. I don’t want my baby to be taken away from me because I can’t support her/him. With that i worry that i’m not going to be able to finish school because I will have to work and be there for them.

I just found out a couple days ago that we are having a kid, so i should be able to find a well paying job and finish school before the baby comes. I want to raise my family and have an amazing life with this girl, I just have to figure my stuff out and get everything done that i need to, to have a happy life.


My biggest dream is to be able to support a family. I want to have a girl and name her Rhapsody and marry the girl i’m with named Katie. I want to be able to support them and buy a house and a car. I am going to be there for them through everything and make everybody proud,

Another dream I have is to open a hot topic type clothing store to support this family. I’m going to school for business management and accounting so i can run it by myself if i have to.