All about Diego Sandoval

All about me

10 things about me

1. I like computers

2. I Iike dogs

3. I am a night person

4. I am peaceful

5. I am Hispanic

6. I like Mexican food

7. I like high places

8. I am Very active

9. My favorite animal is dolphin

10. My favorite color is green

My most embarrassing moment

One time we were at a church because there was a wedding that my parents were participating in. They were going to be the ones that give them the rings when it was time. So when the wedding was about to start, the priest was there in the very back, since he was going to walk them in with his altar boys, and since he only had like 3 they needed one more, and since I was sitting in the very back where they were at. He asked me if I could be one of them, and i couldn't say no to a priest so I went to the very front of the church and got dressed, then I went to the back were the priest was waiting so the church started with a lot of people in it. Plus I also had to be the one that carries the cross, and the one that brings the book to the priest. Which just made it the most embarrassing moment.

Strange questions I am asked

Weird questions

1. Why am I quiet?

2. Why do I like the dark?

3. Why do I like computers?