How great is Short Pump?

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Hello, welcome to Short Pump Middle School.

This flyer will tell you more about our school.

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What We Did

We took pictures of the whole school that are related to the questions to show you a quick glance of our whole school.


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Frequent asked questions

Is it a safe environment?

There are many people who always help each other while a few of them just are plain teasing. 10% out of 100% are bully in our school. The rest help on daily life like tips on studying or waiting for someone to finish or even trying to help when someone is telling truth that they didn't do anything bad when in trouble. We all are a family and work together for successes. There is a high chance that you will make friends at this school. If you are new teacher or student at this school, we give a lot of support. As soon as you walk into the school you will be having a conversation with someone. same thing to teachers, the next door teacher always give you help.

What electives are there?

We actually have a separate Hallway for electives. There are 8 classes in total and all the rooms are in different lengths. Art, language, and computer apps are a average sized room. Teen living is a bit bigger than art and language classes, and the biggest of all of them is Technology class which takes up a whole. Our electives hall brings kids into a whole another world of survival. most of our kids love our classes. some of the classes have extra curriculum activities after school.

What type of extra curriculum activities are there?

There are many sports and clubs the school holds. There is track, tennis, soccer, baseball, softball, and basketball for boys and girls. Clubs can vary and change, but a main one is TSA. Another popular club his the Art club that has a ton of art shows to show amazing art work done by artistic students. There are a bunch of extra curriculum activities that probably interest you. If you choose Jazz Band or Strings you might have to stay after school for an upcoming competition like the one in Busch Garden. If you do any kind of after-school sports then you would probably have to stay after school everyday of every week because of practice, but it totally worth it. Any extra curriculum activities after-school is here at Short Pump his totally worth it.

Does the school provide electronics?

Yes, we have Dell computers that are in good quality. There are times where you need to take in to the help desk though but the rest of the software and how fast in loads is perfectly average. We use computers in almost in all of our classes in classwork, projects, notes, and homework.

Average student per teacher?

There are about 25 as an average in every class. The lowest class students a teacher would get is a 14 students. A highest would be a total of 30 and above.

How many classes are there?

There are eight classes at Short Pump because we added something called BRIM. BRIM is basically a study hall, but is a class for teachers to give lessons to their kids about important things. You might not think BRIM is necessary but helps kids finish their homework and teachers to give lessons about any new topic the school has.

How are the different grades separated?

The grades are separated by different halls. There is the 800 hall for eighth graders. 700 hall for seventh graders. 600 hall for sixth graders. 400 hall for electives. Many grades intertwined so people in advanced classes. Many 6th graders come into the 7th grade hall for Math and Science. 7th graders go to the 8th grade hall for Math and Science also.

What happens when the power goes out?

If the power goes out in our school then the classes will still be in session. Our school provides many sources of light. If the power goes out we have an extra power source and the power will still be on. Also we can still have class because we have flashlights. In Math class we can still teach because most everything is one paper. Also in Science if we are doing a lab we do it on paper.

I hope you like our school and we will be looking forward to seeing you next year!

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