"Night of broken glass"

Causes and tentions

Hitler is new in leadership, and one of his priorities was getting rid of Jews. He established boycotts on Jewish shops, laws against Jews, and Jewish children were starting to notice restrictions in schools. Some laws prohibited Jew citizenship in Germany, and couldn't participate in elections. It even got to the point where Jews got arrested and others were pushed passed the border

November 9th & 10th

On November 9-10, on of Hitler's chiefs got permission to launch a pogrom called "Kristallnacht". This is when rampaging, angry mobs free attacked Jews and their places of business, dwelling (homes), worship, and more in Germany (and Hitler's territories)! Almost 100 were killed, hundreds more injured, and about 30,000 were arrested and taken to death camps. This does not include the thousands of synagogues burned, the 7,500 businesses destroyed, and the many vandalized cemeteries and schools.

The Night of Broken Glass:

The Aftermath

On November 12, three days after the attacks, the Nazi leadership called a meeting about the city's damage. They needed to find somebody to place the blame on. So why not place the blame on the people you hate most? That is exactly what they did. By placing the blame on the Jewish People, they would have evidence against them to make more laws against them, and to officially remove the Jewish people from Germany's economy.