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November 1, 2019

Open House

This looks like it is an Ultimate Frisbee game -- and it is. But the wonderful thing about the Upper Campus at Montessori School of Anderson is not only the academic time with a very accomplished group of educators, but the fact that there are times after school when the community of students and faculty engage on another level. Frisbee Fridays, STEAM after school, or game nights. All a part of being a community. You would be hard-pressed to find a student who didn’t want to give their all in the classroom with this type of student-teacher relationship. We are hosting an Open House this Monday, Nov. 4th from 8-12 noon. Come join us for a quick glimpse into MSA’s Middle and High School. It is never too soon to begin to think about the last leg of your child’s Montessori journey. Also please pass this on to any friends or neighbors who might like to see MSA in action. Questions? Call 864-226-5344.
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Dates to Remember

November 4 - Upper School Open House in the morning

November 5 - Normal school day

November 8 - All Programs Closed for professional development

November 11 - Special flag ceremony for Veteran's Day

November 15 - UE Family Visit Morning

November 18 - MSA Night at Carson's Steakhouse

November 26 - Thanksgiving Blessing at 10 a.m.

See here for the full, interactive calendar.

Fall Festival

Our Fall Festival this past Friday was a great success! Thank you so much to all of our organizers, volunteers, snack and treat contributors, and everyone else who made the event possible! Click this link for an album with more Fall Fest photos.
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Fall Fest Feedback

We'd love to get your feedback on how you enjoyed this year's Fall Festival! Even if you could not attend, we would appreciate your input for future events. Please fill out this Fall Fest feedback form to let us know your thoughts.

Primary Favorite Book Character Day

Primary students enjoyed a day of storybook fun with special snacks and a parade around the school this past Friday as they dressed up as their favorite book character. There were a lot of great character choices! The students were especially excited to show off their characters and books to former teachers, classroom friends, and siblings they saw along their tour. Click here for a gallery with more photos from the Primary Book Character Day.
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Lower Elementary Biographies

Lower Elementary students chose an important historical figure to research and then presented information about their selections to their peers this past Friday. They dressed as their biographical figures and paraded around the school, showing off their hard work to the staff and their fellow students. Click this link for more photos from the Lower Elementary Biography Day.
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Toddler Pumpkin Roll

Over the past few years, the Toddler classrooms have been holding a pumpkin roll event during the last week in October. Students in the Toddler classrooms each bring in a pumpkin, and the students gather in the playground and roll their pumpkins down the hill together. The students love watching their pumpkins roll down, racing down after them, and hurrying back to the top of the hill to roll them again! A few photos from the event can be found below; click here to see many more!
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Learning to Measure

The freshman High School students in Mr. Saunier's Physical Science class came to Upper Elementary and gave a lesson on the metric system and converting between the hierarchies using a mnemonic as a tool for conversion. They guided the students to create their own mnemonic, hosted activities, and in general did a really great job teaching the Upper Elementary students! Click this link to view more metric system measurement photos.
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In Games Club, the students and instructors played the game Quantum, a game of strategy in which ship commanders compete to conquer sections of space.

Garlic and Tomatoes

On Monday Upper Elementary was busy planting garlic and harvesting the last of our summer produce.

Student-Led Stretching

As part of the combined Middle and High School Physical Education class, the High School students taught various muscle groups to the Middle School students and demonstrated how to stretch them.
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Pink Out

In an effort to raise awareness to breast cancer during Breast Cancer Awareness Month, MSA held a Pink Out this past Wednesday and encouraged faculty, staff, and students to wear pink to school. Here are a few photos from the day!

Alumni Catch-Up: Ellie Rogers

Clemson University senior Ellie Rogers graduated from Montessori School of Anderson in 2016 after having lived her academic life here for 16 years. Ellie will graduate from Clemson University this year with a degree in Animal and Veterinary Sciences.

Apparently, Ellie learned to multitask at MSA seeing as she not only is completing her college degree, she is holding down two jobs: one as an employee at the Big Oak Boarding Stables in Pendleton and the other as an employee at the Starkey Swine Center in Clemson. She is looking forward to graduating in the spring and going on to pursue a career in the animal science field.

Ellie remembers so many of the field trips at Montessori, such as the middle school caving trip in Alabama, and her classroom experiences as well. But the most important part is the fact that she has made some lifelong friendships. Her years of playing volleyball are also memorable.

Advice to our current students: “Enjoy your time at Montessori while you can because it is a special place with some amazing people. Also, make the most of the opportunities that are offered to you there and remember to try new things, even if they are out of your comfort zone. For example, when I was in 8th grade, I decided that I wanted to try to play volleyball even though I knew nothing about it, and I loved it! I made some amazing memories with my Montessori teammates that I will certainly remember forever.”

What does Ellie feel about her teachers at MSA? “First of all, one of my favorite parts of MSA were the teachers there. I had some incredible teachers, and I would not have enjoyed my time at MSA as much had I not had teachers who cared about my academic performance as well as my well-being. The teachers at MSA always saw us as individuals, and knew exactly how to help us succeed in the classroom and in life in general.”

Her advice to teachers? “Try to form relationships with students outside of the classroom because I promise that effort will be noticed and appreciated.”

Wise woman, this graduate...

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