Christmas in Bolivia

By:Kimberly Breitweiser

Christmas traditions

The "Canaston" is a large gift basket given by emplayers to their employees. The basket consist of basic food items such as ketchup,mustard ,bread ,jam,sugar,rice and flour. This Canaston is required by law and may be the only time employers give their employees a kind of bonus or incentive.
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Families gather to feast together at midnight after mass on Christmas day they eat Picana A soup made of chicken,beef ,corn,spice and wine. The table is also set with salad , roast pork,or roast beef and abundance of tropical fruits.
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New Year's Eve traditions

Family's feast at midnight and toast with champagne another tradition is that each person eat 12 grapes and midnight. They also light fireworks throughout the city at on Christmas.

Christmas gifts

Normally gifts are given to children on January 6 "dia de low reyes". Catholic families also take "baby Jesus" from the native seen to mass and have a blessed by the priest in some cities statues of baby Jesus in the Virgin Mary are taken out of the church and carried around the streets for all to see
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