Gear Up for Success 2021 - WEEK 3

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Explore and embrace your inner nerd!

We all "geek out" about some topic or interest, it might be Math, social media, board games, English, sports, or anything that is an interest!

Ask your student about what they learned this week.

Meet Our Summer Teachers!

We're so happy to have Ms. Fenton working with us this summer!! She typically works with middle school students at Parkside, Go knights! Ms. Fenton has MANY pets (and because of that, four vacuums!) She won a NYS story telling competition when I was in high school.
She walks her cat on a leash :) Ms. Fenton said that her favorite part of Gear Up for Success is, the students! She said, "We have a TON to cover in a short period of time and their dedication is outstanding."

Family and Community Specialist

My name is Nicole Nover and I am the new Family and Community Specialist for GEAR UP Manchester! This past school year I was an AmeriCorps Member with GEAR UP at Parkside Middle School. I am very excited to move into a new role with GEAR UP and get to know you all!

Succeeding in high school, applying to college or a job can all be difficult. My job is to support families in helping their students achieve their goals. This upcoming school year we will be returning to in-person events for both students and families. We hope to see you there! If you would prefer an individual conversation, we can do that as well.

If you have any questions or would like to set up a conversation in September, please email me at

Gear Up for Success - Family Survey

You should have received this survey via email, but if not, please click here to fill out the short family survey for us! Thanks!!

Amoskeag Mental Health

Hello! We are behavioral health counselors with the Adolescent Preventative Services Program at Amoskeag Health. We provide support and counseling services in the Manchester High Schools during the school year and are excited to join GearUp this summer at Manchester Community College! We know the teen years can be challenging and stressful, we are available to provide additional support to students this summer and during the school year.

If you are interested in learning more or would like your teen to meet with us, please outreach to the GearUp staff. We look forward to speaking with you!

Melissa Berry, MSW, LICSW

Central and Memorial High School

Katherine Benoit, MSW

West High School and Manchester School of Technology


Summer Student Handbook

You can review the summer handbook by clicking this button!

Scholar Highlights

Ashlie Brown- She has wonderful work ethic, a positive attitude and is kind to others.

Destiny Mudgett- She is blasting through Apex and has a great attitude. She is always present in all our conversations.

Isaiah Izquierdo- He has amazingly rolled with all the computer issues that have come his way. Also, he read the big part of Macbeth today!

Tavon Whitted- He has been very helpful during community meetings!

Jordan St. Brice- He shared during advisory about his interest in psychology and doing well on his assignments.

Will Colwell- He did a great job performing on the stage for theater and he continued his hard work at camp.

Ananyer Rosario- She conquered her fear of heights during indoor rock climbing.

Week 2 Field Trips


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Looking Foward...

A week focused on self identity. Who are you? What makes you unique? How do you fit in?

We're looking forward to seeing how you interpret the weekly theme!

Enrichment Week 4!

Rock On!

DIY (Do It Yourself)


Tour of the World!


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