By: Hunter Bergholz


Football helps me be in better physical shape for other sports. It also helps me get stronger when we lift weights twice a week. Football is a longer season and its a lot of practice and at practice its a lot of moving around. By moving around all of the two hour practices we have help me be able to go longer in other sports.


When I get to hit someone hard it helps get anger out of me. When anger builds up inside of me and I get to take it out on a player from a different team it makes me feel less angry. Also I like to just play the sport because I get happy on the day we have games because I know I will get to hit someone.


Football improves my social health because i get to see people I don't get to really hangout with in school. Also in football we have to communicate with teammates and coaches. For example the lineman have to communicate with each other to pick up blitz's and we have to tell the coaches where the holes are in the defense.


We have to learn a lot of plays and blocking assignments for football. And we have different assignments each week for different teams. Also we have to learn techniques for blocking and on defense for getting past the offensive lineman.