Leads 3 Things

2-10 Shift!

1 - About the Shift

What's the best part of working the 2-10 shift? Most of its members would say the awesome sense of camaraderie. 2-10ers are experts in team problem solving and creativity. And the best part? The sentiment is shared across the team.

2 - Did you Know?

Shannon's a real go-getter when it comes to fighting crime! As a reward for her continued stellar performance, she'll now be helping Jason K. out with fraud one day a week. In case you don't see her on Mondays, that's why!

3 - Just for Fun

Our very own Alaina is a daymaker by day and an artist at night! She's been sending post cards with a piece of her hidden talent on every one of them -- see for yourselves!

Pretty cool, right??

Stay tuned for more 2-10 info next Wednesday!