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In this newsletter issue, we honor the recent passing of Sir Ken Robinson by highlighting his impact and influence on our school.

Ken Robinson who was renowned in the areas of creativity, development, and innovation burst onto the educational scene in 2009 with his book titled The Element: How Finding Your Passion Changes Everything which explores discovering one’s talents and passions and aligning those with the pursuit of one’s life work.

Through representing a wide range of stories of very different people, Robinson exposes how these people first came to recognize their unique talents and how they make a successful living from doing what they love. Sir Ken Robinson’s book and his life’s work has inspired countless people and educators to encourage finding and developing one’s talent, passion, and potential.

Dimensions has taken this to heart and has made finding one’s element a guiding principle to everything we do on behalf of our students. Below is a special tribute to Sir Ken Robinson.

Tony Drown

School Director


A Tribute to Sir Ken Robinson

SDCOE: Charter Renewal and Material Revision

At the next San Diego County Office of Education regular Board meeting on Wednesday, November 4th the Board will take action on the Dimensions' charter renewal and material revision to add a south county learning center.

This meeting is virtual and begins at 6 p.m.

Please sign in no earlier than 6 p.m. The county office and board gauge interest in a topic by attendance.

Please sign in even if you are not able to stay for the entire meeting.

Below are the links to the meeting and sign-in sheets.

Thank you in advance for your support.


Sign In Sheet: Petition for Renewal of DCS:


Sign In Sheet: Petition for Material Revision:




Meeting Link:


Terri's Tidbits: Choice and Gratitude

With all that is going on in our communities, country, and world right now there is plenty to get us down …if we let it. Winston Churchill once said, “If you’re going through hell, keep going.” I am of the opinion that is exactly what we need to do. For our own sake, as well as our children’s, we must pull ourselves up each day, begin with affirmations of gratitude (C’mon, there is always something to be thankful for), and put our best foot forward.

For me, I am thankful to have so many choices. I live in a country that permits access to and choice around my profession, life partner, parenthood, location of residence, contribution to society, and what I want to learn each day. While it is up to me to make things happen, I have the choice to do so. There are always consequences to choices, and sometimes I’m not so happy with them (i.e. if I choose to eat the pint of ice-cream in the freezer, I will likely not feel good about it later); but nonetheless, I have the choice.

At Element schools, we are all about choice, which is not to say we can meet everyone’s desires all the time. While we make efforts to offer as much choice as possible, we must remain focused on student well-being and achievement while following Education Code and other mandates. In other words, there are limits to the choices we can offer. As such, choosing not to complete required work or meet with an EF, engaging in plagiarism and other fraud, as well as attending a learning center without a mask have consequences that may not feel good to our families. We all have choices to make, and all choices have consequences.

Gratitude is a choice, and once we feel it, we pass it on (which is why the symbol for gratitude is an infinite loop). During this season of giving thanks, may you and your family experience the joy of gratitude and reap many pleasant consequences to the choices you make.

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Student Spotlight

My name is Jakob Snow, and I race mountain bikes professionally. I have always loved bikes growing up and became very daring at a young age, which I believe ultimately led me to race mountain bikes. I've always been on a bike growing up, taking my training wheels off at the age of 2, building jumps all around the neighborhood, and ripping around.

I started riding and racing motorcycles at the young age of four before I went to racing BMX. I took a break from racing bikes for a while trying out different sports but they never excited me as much as bikes. By 7th grade, I picked up racing again and found a passion for mountain biking and have loved it ever since.

Racing in the U21 Pro class was definitely a challenge while going to a regular public school and traveling throughout the United States was difficult. We found Dimensions at the beginning of my high school career and it has made it easier to train, travel, and race! Having a personalized academic plan allows me to train and compete on my own schedule without jeopardizing my academic goals.

At the beginning of this school year, I was in Oregon competing in a race and ended up finishing 3rd! Right before school started I was racing at a national level event in Colorado and ended up 4th with only 2 seconds off of the 2nd place finisher. Thanks to Dimensions I am able to compete against some of the fastest kids in the nation.

It is a privilege to be sponsored by the following companies:

Specialized Bicycles; Dharco Clothing, CrankBrothers, TrueFusion Sports, Rebgrips, Onyx Racing, Spy Optics, Onza Tires, Fox Suspension, TRP Cycling

Jakob Snow

12th Grade

Upcoming Events!

Microsoft Open House and Training: November 7th Register Today!

The National Edu. Open House will be a live, full-day virtual experience, open to all K-12 and Higher Education educators, parents, and students, taking place on Saturday, November 7th, 2020. Attendees will have the opportunity to take part in a diverse agenda of free and unique experiences including motivational keynote presentations, focused breakout sessions, and interactive workshops. These sessions will address the immediate needs and challenges that educators, students, and families are facing by showcasing topics such as:

  • Innovative Educational and accessibility tools to create an inclusive classroom
  • Bold new ways to energize remote lessons for students
  • Best practices for effective virtual communication
  • Realistic tips for maintaining school/work/life balance
  • Important guides for improving physical and mental health during remote learning

Use the Link Below to Register:


Recommended Reading List for Parents

Our Resource Center not only has many books for students but also parents. We are pleased to share with you a list of recommended books for parents.

Please submit a request to check out books through your Educational Facilitator.

Do you have a technology question? Join Us for 2 O'clock Tech Talk on Tuesdays

We thank you for your patience during this tech-heavy time period. We are here to assist and have your back. Two weeks ago we had our 2 O’clock Tech Talks and covered the following topics: DocuSign, Aeries, iReady, Microsoft Teams, Clever, and ST Math (see link below of video recordings).

We are also going to continue to have 2 O’clock Tech Talk Office Hours, every Tuesday at 2 pm (Click Link To Join Meeting) until the end of November. I’ll be available with a Tuesday Tech Tip and support any tech questions or concerns.

Remember, you can preview these videos and other Tech Support presentations on our Parent Portal under IT Support – Tech Talks.

Pre-recorded September 2 O’clock Tech Talks:

-Aeries/DocuSign - CLICK

-iReady/MS Teams - CLICK

-Clever/ST Math - CLICK

Benoni Pantoja

Educational Technology Manager


Positive Parenting

Did you know that from birth to age five, a child’s brain develops more than at any other time in life? A baby is born with 100 billion neurons just waiting to connect! Neurons are nerve cells, the building blocks of brain development, and neuronal connections are made through everyday experiences. These connections don’t happen automatically: they occur through the positive, stable, nurturing relationships and interactions children have with caring adults. In case your child is older than five, don’t worry! Brains have plasticity, and learning continues throughout the lifespan.

Neural pathways used more frequently become stronger, while those not used as often are eventually eliminated. This process makes the brain more efficient. Repetition and routine strengthen the pathways. We can say that you become what you think and do.

Routines help children develop the foundational elements of Causal Thinking, Trust, Conscience Development and Ability to Delay Gratification (see illustration, bottom row). Causal Thinking leads to predictability and builds a sense of Trust. The confidence from predictability and Trust enables the Ability to Delay Gratification. Conscience Development is about empathy and develops from knowing others care about, understand and support me. All four of these building blocks set the foundation for higher level skills to develop: motivation, focus, problem solving and positive social interactions – all needed for success in school and in life. Here is an article describing the process:


So will having routines at home guarantee your child the best grades, the best friends, the best mental health? Of course the answer is “no,” however combined with other social-emotional and academic skills, they can contribute to your child’s optimum development. Here is a link for creating routines for home school days:


Building brain connections is like building muscles: use them or lose them. For more Positive Discipline parenting tools, click here: https://www.positivediscipline.com/parents

Lois Ingber, LCSW, CPDLT

Behavioral Counselor, Element Education


Check Out This Month's Curriculum Highlight!

This is from the Reagan Library under curriculum.

North County Philanthropy Council 2020 Volunteer Awards

Congratulations to Barbara Rohrer, Element Education Governing Board President, for being chosen for 2020 Volunteer of the Year!

Since 2006, Barbara Rohrer has served in various capacities of the Governing Board and helped connect the organization and the public. As a life-long education servant, she is consistently reflecting, prepared, inquisitive, and supportive, thus serving as both a role model and the “glue” that keeps the board and school administration together, accountable, and effective.

We are looking forward to honoring Barbara at the 2020 North County Philanthropy Council Volunteer Awards on Thursday, November 19 at 3:00 PM.

As soon as received, the links to this virtual event will be posted on the Element Education website. www.myelement.org

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