5th Grade Newsletter

November 16, 2015

Norwood Happenings

The 1st annual Turkey Bowl is Thursday, November 19th at 2:00. Please join us for the kick off of this exciting new event!

Next week is already Thanksgiving break! Students will not have school all week. Have a wonderful week and a Happy Thanksgiving!

5th Grade Happenings

Because 5th grade doesn't eat lunch until 1:00, students are allowed to bring a healthy snack to school to eat during class. Students should not bring cookies, chips or candy as a snack.

There has been an increase in students' phones going off during class. This is a big distraction for the students, especially during tests. We realize that students may need their phone after school, but phones should remain off and in their backpack until school is over.

Math Madness

This week we will be finishing up our unit on fractions. The homework assigned last week is due today, Monday, and the test over fractions is on Thursday, November 19th. Students will also be introduced to the Financial Literacy unit. Students will be learning new vocabulary to go with our financial unit and they will be working on Claypiggy.com. This is a financial literacy website where students can earn money to buy houses and food and learn the importance of budgeting. Students may log in and play from home, as well. No homework this week!

In the Science Lab

In science, we will be finishing up our study of climate and the water cycle. No homework this week!

The Reading Corner

This week we will be spelling words with tricky final sounds. Students will need to study to remember whether they end with -an, -en, -on, -ain, -el, -al, or -le. Practice makes perfect! In reading, we will continue Turquoise Horse. Students will be listening, reading, writing, and discussing ways the author brings meaning to the story through use of sensory language, and how visualizing the story helps the reader understand its implied message.

Blast from the Past

In social studies, we will continue to look at the Louisiana Purchase and how it was viewed positively and negatively. We will look at the major events of The War of 1812. Also, we will determine how the character "Uncle Sam" came to be an icon in America and who was the man that Uncle Sam was created from. We will look at our national anthem and what might have inspired Francis Scott Key to write the lyrics to The Star Spangled Banner. WE have a lot of HISTORY going on!

Homework Help

  • Read, Read, Read
  • Practice Multiplication Facts
  • Notes for math are posted on Miss Finley's website
  • Apply concepts to everyday activities
  • Spelling words and Reading Comprehension Thinking Stems are located on Ms. Cooper's website
  • Khan Academy videos and practice
  • Clay Piggy - Link posted below


If you have any questions please contact us!

Tracy Pruett (Science) – tpruett@bisdmail.net

Rebecca Finley (Math) – rlfinley@bisdmail.net

Kathy Cooper (ELA and SS) – kcooper@bisdmail.net

Pamela Leach (ELA and SS) – pamela.leach@bisdmail.net