Why You Should Come To Porter?

By: Isha Dixit

Mary G. Porter Traditional School

Mary G. Porter Traditional School is a school for kids in first through eighth grade. It has been open for eleven years and has been a School of Excellence for nine years. Our school was made to focus more upon academics rather than athletics and sports. Everyone that attends this school attends by choice instead of it attending because of geographic assignment.

Why Is It Called A Traditional School

Unlike other schools Mary G. Porter Traditional School combines elementary school and middle school into one building. Mary G. Porter is a public school but not everyone can get in. To get into Porter you must go through a couple of steps before actually attending. For example you must do a questionnare, an essay, etc. All students start school at 8:40 and end school at 3:30. Compared to other school Porter is small but feels very homey.