Forging a New Path

Independent Consultant with Arbonne International

Wait, You Quit Your Day Job?

No, No! I am still full steam ahead at Creighton with my work for Catholic schools, but since there is no time like the present, I've also decided to get beyond my comfort zone and start building my own small business as an Independent Consultant with Arbonne. My best friend, Gina, made the leap almost 3 years ago and it has changed her entire family's life and the lives of all those on her team. Marty and I have been using Arbonne products for 2.5 years so it is an exciting endeavor for the both of us. Thankfully, he is my biggest cheerleader!

I know what you may be thinking, "Really, Kate, you are doing this?" Believe me, I had the same thought cross my mind a time or two. I am as leery of the pushy sales person as anyone! The truth is, my passion isn't necessarily for "selling". Rather, it's about connecting with others. Hopefully, throughout this new journey, I'll be able to help people along the way, while also creating greater freedom for our family . This excites me, and if it excites you, I would be so grateful for your support. If I haven't lost you, keep reading below for a few ideas!

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Near and Far

One of the great benefits of starting "this kind" of business is that it can happen virtually anywhere! Blessed with friends and family all across the country, it would be a privilege for me to be "with" you and yours via the inter-web! Arbonne has fantastic products for nutrition and health, skin care, and makeup for men, women, and children. Please call, text, or email if you're curious to learn more.

My Information

Kate Sampson
Independent Consultant

Arbonne International