Spring in Bloom!

A gift for my hostesses!

Let Me Thank You with Extra Style Rewards!

To my fabulous hostesses - I hope you know how much I appreciate that you have opened your homes to me and my big box of stella & dot jewels! Thank you for allowing me to share what I adore with your family and friends. You are truly the heart of this business I continue to grow.

In that spirit, I want to be sure you feel as special as you really are to me each time you host, or share the trunk show with a friend. Going forward, I will be gifting my hostesses with $25 in extra style rewards when you book another show with me, or refer to me someone who does! This can be a traditional in-person show, or an online show too!

They say that March is for the Luck of the Irish, but this March it's LUCK OF THE STYLISH! I'll be giving $50 in extra style rewards to any of you who book a show in March - my way of kicking off the Spring in full swing. And Hey, my birthday is in March so let's ALL celebrate :)

I look forward to seeing you at an upcoming trunk show. Our new collection is by far our best yet - and with well over 50% under $50, we are definitely the one stop everyone needs for gorgeous, affordable accessories. And it's only going to get better as 2013 continues!

Thank you so very much!


703.244.6164 / jewelrylbs@gmail.com

ps - Let's have fun with a cute theme, and remember there's never a bad time for a chance to get together with friends - weekday mornings, weekend brunch or afternoon, happy hour, evenings - everyone needs a break!