My Fair Godmother

Janette Rallison

About the author:

Janette Rallison was born in 1966 in Pullman, Washington. She currently resides in Chandler, Arizona with her husband five children and LOTS OF CATS! She began writing books at age 6 and has continued on ever since. Her early works consisted of romance and science fiction. When she was younger she would often publish underneath the name Sierra St. James and often writes under the name C.J Hill. Rallison uses past experiences to influence her writing and draws ideas from her teenage daughter who Rallison believes is a reality show waiting to happen. She published "My Fair Godmother" in 2007 and the sequel "My Unfair Godmother" in 2011.She is an award winning author who has written 13 young adult novels which have sold over a million copies. She is currently working on the third book in the my fair godmother series.


The conflict that drives this book is happiness. Throughout the book Savannah wants to find her prince charming to bring her true happiness. But what she doesn't understand is that happiness is entirely up to you. It's also about finding your inner courage even if the odds are against you.


Girl, Put Your Records On (Cover) by laceesills


From the outside, Savannah Delano has the perfect life, she is beautiful,popular and has a perfect senior boyfriend but life is often full of surprises, as Savannah soon finds out . After Savannah is dumped by her boyfriend Hunter for her sister, Savannah is left with a non- refundable 315$ prom dress and a week to find a new prince charming. Enter in the equation "Chrissy" a gum-popping,cell-phone carrying, stiletto wearing teenage fairy godmother and Savannah is bound for trouble. Unfortunately for Savannah her fairy godmother is only "fair" in the magic department and her attempts at granting wishes have landed Savannah in the middle ages. Now Savannah has to spend time in the shoes of Cinderella and Snow White literally. When Savannah comes back from the past she is surprised to find out that Tristan, a cute boy from her class, has recently gone missing. Savannah is then shocked to figure out out that Chrissy, her "reliable" fairy godmother, has sent him to the past to become a prince, and if he doesnt he'll be trapped in the middle ages forever. It's up to Savannah to save him and hopefully find her prince charming along the way.

Main charaters:


Savannah is the main character and is a beautiful and popular 16 year old who has long brown hair and doe eyes. She is extremely unorganized and doesn't understand the concept of geometry. Throughout her life she has never been the smart one,like her sister and considers herself pretty incompetent because of this negative criticism She is extremely caring, she will do about anything to save someone she loves. She hates the middle ages and their lack of proper sanitation and throughout the book she seems to really appreciate the little things in life. She is extremely strong considering the amount of heartbreak she goes through and she just wants to find her prince charming.

Chrysanthemum (Chrissy) Everstar

Chrissy is Savannah's fair godmother, she considers Savannah her extra credit project to make up for her low placement testing scores which landed her with the title of "fair"godmother. She is a teenage girl who has long cotton-candy-pink hair and an immaculate nose job. She loves to shop and hang out with friends, she is not a very interactive fairy godmother and has a hard time answering calls. She is extremely self-centered and prides herself on doing the very bare minimum.


Tristan is a sophomore like Savannah who is forced into the middle ages as a result of Savannah's wish to find a prince. He is extremely patient with Savannah and has liked her for years.He is a blond, blue eyed, tall track runner which allowed him to get a job as a page when he arrived in the middle ages this alone saved him from starvation. He is highly humorous and was able to make money by telling stories from the Chronicles of Narnia to the king. He is in love with Savannah but to go home he needs to marry princess Margret a fact he rubs into Savannah's face as much as possible. He is brave and has lived in the middle ages for almost a year so he's adapted to the minimalist lifestyle.

“Courage is a fickle creature. Just as you need it, it often makes excuses and rushes out of the room.”

I think this is one of the most important quotes in the book because courage was a big part of this book. If Jane, Savannah's sister, had enough courage to tell Savannah she liked Hunter before Savannah dated him,it would not have blown up in her face. Courage drives most of Savannah's decisions and it helps her to defeat the obstacles that she faces. Savannah makes the courageous decision to switch spells with Tristan even if it means she would have to stay in the middle ages forever. The theme is all about courage in the darkest of situations.


The audience for this book is pretty expansive, I think it's primarily a teenage girl book because I don't know to many boys that like to read about romance. I think any girl who likes fantasy and romance will like this book. If you like romantic books but find them too cheesy this is a good book because it's less cheesy and more blatant comedy. It's funny and if you've ever been a teenager you can relate even though it's a fantasy novel.


I loved this book,it is along with it's sequel one of my favorite books I've ever read! I love how it incorporates different characters in the place of old childhood fairy tale characters. I like the humor component to it and the fact that the story is relate-able relationship drama is not scarce in high school. I would recommend it to any female who likes fantasy and romance.