Kids With Autism

By, Yael Rosen, 1/6/16, Ms. Wasser, Pd 6


How can I create a presentation that will increase awareness of kids with autism? Autism is a mental condition when your brain develops differently that makes it hard for children to learn, make eye contact, react with the world around them, and more. I chose this topic because my mom is a parent educator for the CAPP (Comprehensive Autism Preschool Program) program at Fields Road ES. The CAPP program works with autistic preschoolers with academics, language, and social skills. I was so interested in her job that I made this presentation.


Children with autism have trouble with communication, relating to others and the world around them, and thinking and behaving flexibly. They also may have trouble planning or planning for the future. Autism is four of five times more common for boys then girls. Around 1 in 42 boys have autism and only 1 in 189 girls have autism. There are many different causes and types of autism.


Kids with autism have trouble understanding the five senses we use everyday. This makes it hard for those kids to talk, listen, learn, understand, and play. Each kid with autism could have mild, middle or, severe symptoms. Most of these kids have trouble moving their body a certain way and adjusting to changes. Some sighs of autism for babies and toddlers are not making eye contact, not making noises to get people's attention, and not smile when smile at. Sighs of autism for older children include impaired speech skills, social skills, and language difficulty. Here is a quote from my mom, who works with autistic children, about how they help those kids learn, "To help the children learn, we give them a high reinforcer such as candy, chips, or a toy, when they complete a behavior we want them to do." I think more people should be aware that kids with autism are capable to learn and be similar to any other kid.


This video is About a child that has a rare case of autism where she has periodic and permanent memory loss. It's called Childhood Disintegration Disorder.

What Happens to Kids with Autism when They Grow Up? - Moms Matter - March 11, 2013


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