News Reporter

by: simran naicker & dhara patel

Job description

A News Reporter is an occupation that requires an individuals ability to gather and analyze information of remarkable events, collect factual information through interviews and observations, give live reports on television from the site of the incidence (comes on the television!) or read out the news that is recieved and needs to be able to orgnaize and be alert at all times for news that is being obtained every minute.

Qualifications and Educational Requirements

To become a News Reporter, an individual must hold a bachelors degree in broadcasting, journalism or communication. Other qualifications that are considered to recieve a job as a news reporter is experience in school newspapers, broadcasting stations and internships with new organizations. Through the advancement of technology and a wider range of university courses, newspapers and organizations benefit individuals that have higher qualifications such as degree majors and more experience in the field.

How will you pay for your education?

There are many ways to pay for your education. One of the many options is HECS (Higher Education Contribution Scheme) which is a loan scheme benefiting eligible students supported by Commonwealth to pay their student contribution amounts. HECS is not just a loan scheme; it also allows eligible students to recieve a 10% discount when they pay $500 or more (for a study period) up-front. To be eligible HECS-HELP loan, you must, be studying in a Commonwealth supported place, be an Australian citizen or visa humnitarian holder and enroll in a unit by census date.

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Specific skills required for the job

Some specific skills required to become a News Reporter is experience and determination. To do this job, an individual must be able to obtain skills that assist them in their job such as news writing and editing, online journalism, reporting technology, interviewing and research techniques, copy editing, public relations, advertising and ethics. To broaden the chances of a better career, specializing in fields such as sports, science news, crime, government, business, religion or education allow you a better chance in getting your dream job.

The type of income you will recieve

The type of income recieved by News Reporters is  a salary. A salary is a fixed amount of money payed on a daily basis (usually fortnightly or monthly) to an employee of an organization. This income is suitable for the job of News Reporter as the job requires an individual to work to their complete limit, and the way it is paid is fair. The income or salary for an average News Reporter is $35 000 (in USD as of May, 2013).

What is interesting about being a News Reporter?

Being a News Reporter allows an individual to explore the world of media, going behind the scenes and appearing in front of the television screen. This job takes out the best capabilities of an individual. New experiences are found around the corner and you get to know nearly everything that is happening around the world, whether it be good or bad. The cultures of the world can be explored through this job, and all the news is right at your fingertips.