Patrick Henry Post

December 13th, 2019

The Reindeer Games Continue...

Spirit month is still going strong with our staff (and students) participating in five more ridiculous days of holiday cheer. This week we had "Dress like a reindeer," "Wear your favorite winter hat/scarves/socks," "Pajama day," "Favorite plaid," and "Jeans + Holiday sweater." Stay tuned for next week's shenanigans!

Lots of fun was happening throughout Patrick Henry this week!

Students were caught in the act of having fun all over the building this week! From academic focus to teamwork during recess, our students have fun throughout the school day. We are excited to see not only our non-academic tasks bringing our students joy, but also our academic tasks! Our students are proud of their work - and for good reason!

Highlight on Ms. Williams' Math Techniques

This week, students in upper elementary have been taking so many tests to assess their current levels in reading and math. When I popped into Ms. Williams' fifth grade class, I got to see a wide variety of techniques to get students comfortable during their testing experience and in their assessment environment. Kudos to Ms. Williams for providing flexible options for her students!