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That's Using your Noodle... Tools

If you’ve tried to use Easybib for citing sources lately, you’ve probably noticed the platform is inundated with obtrusive ads. To help make attributing work easier for our teachers and students, the library procured a school-wide subscription to NoodleTools. NoodleTools is a research management platform that helps organize students throughout the research process. There are useful tools as students collect research, craft citations (and format annotated bibliographies), take notes, outline, and draft. Students can work on research individually or collaboratively and can share their work for feedback with their teachers and they have their own individual accounts and can store their portfolio of work over time.

To set up your teacher account using your LP Google Credentials, click here:


To keep up with our citation recommendations, be sure to bookmark the Lancer Library Citation Guide page.

What Should I Read Next?

There are lots of great reasons to use Goodreads: The social networking platform for books. Do you find yourself picking up a book when you browse the library, getting about five chapters into it, and realize that you read that very same book years ago? Goodreads has helped solve those issues by providing a place to track everything a person reads, want to read, and is currently reading. Furthermore, if you’ve noticed email signature lines featuring the book a person is currently reading, those can be automatically populated from the books being “currently read” on a Goodreads account. There are all sorts of widgets for emails and websites to help spread the news that adults are readers, too. Lastly, Goodreads is a place to join virtual book groups, follow authors, and keep up (maybe even compete in reading challenges) with what friends, students, and respected colleagues are reading. It’s a wonderful tool to keep track of all things literary and get great recommendations. If you join, please be sure to befriend Jen and Aimee. (One of us is active on Goodreads and one of us is still working on making it a habit.)

Health Research Made Easy

Now introducing the newest addition to our lineup of databases in the Lancer Library: Gale Health and Wellness Resource Center. Challenge your students to look beyond Google Medical, WebMD, and Mayo Clinic with Health and Wellness Resource Center, which features full-text medical journals, magazines, reference works, multimedia, and much more. Students can research a range of health-related issues from current disease and disorder information to in-depth coverage of alternative medical practices.

If you think this database fits with a project in your curriculum and you’d like more information or for one of us to come in and teach your students how to use the features for their project, please let us know!

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