Special Edition

June 11, 2021

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Big picture
We could not have been so successful this school year without the help of some important people!

Pizza Coordinator

A huge thank you to Stephanie Combs for being our pizza coordinator. This year was especially challenging because we doubled Stephanie's job with two days of pizza each week!

Thank you so much to all the pizza slingers, especially Maggie Russell for organizing our pizza distribution volunteers!

Milk Coordinator

Thank you Lisa Crawford for being the milk coordinator. We appreciate all the hard work!

Cross Walkers

Kudos to our morning crosswalk helpers!

  • Barb Bunker
  • Jerry Elliot
  • John Coleman

Also, a special thanks to Barb who decorates the school every season and makes copies for teachers.

Field Day

Many thanks to all the helpers especially Angie Cryderman, Izzy Kildee, Emily Feetham, Rachele Lawrence, Tamra Knight, Michele Grant, Ellie Maly, and all the former Holly Academy alumni who helped!

Substitute Teachers

The following incredible subs worked tirelessly to ensure that Holly Academy remained open during a global pandemic!

Pam Bunka, Linda Andrada, Dana Behrend, Jill Campbell, Michelle Conroy, Michele Grant, Jeanie Harris, Tamra Knight, Rachele Lawrence, Ellie Maly, Leslie Nabozny, and Kerry Vetter