charlayne hunter

Barkim stevens


Charlayne Hunter is known in Georgia rights history as one of the first two African American students to go to the University of Georgia. Also known for her career as an award winning journalist, Hunter is known for her work on television and in print.


charlayne was interested in journalism since she was a child, Hunter wanted to go to a college with a strong journalism program. In Georgia this meant the (UGA) in Athens, which did not accept African Americans, so Hunter applied to several mid western schools. During her last year at Turner Hunter was approached by a group of Atlanta's black civic leaders who were looking for talented students to challenge segregation in Georgia's colleges and universities. After first visiting Georgia State College of Business Administration Hunter and her classmate at Turner High School's valedictorian, decided to apply to UGA. Hunter and Holmes were denied.


Despite her difficulties as a student at UGA, Hunter has maintained a relationship with the university. In 1985, in celebration of the school's bicentennial, UGA created the annual Holmes Hunter Lecture. Hunter returned to campus to deliver the address in 1988; she was the school's first black graduation speaker. In 1992 Hunter published a memoir of her childhood and her years at UGA, In My Place, and together with Holmes, established an academic scholarship for African American students.