Cross River Gorilla

Gorilla gorilla diehli


The Cross River Gorilla was discovered in 1904 when mammalian taxonomist Paul Matschie discovered a morphological, or physical, difference was noticed in a group of gorillas living near Cross River on the boarder between Nigeria and Cameroon.

Why they are endangered

The Cross River Gorilla is endangered due to many factors. Over-hunting has been a problem because it was allowed until it was too late. Forest fires and genetic diseases have also helped to endanger them.

The new habitat

The new habitat will contain more abundant food and water along with less dry bush to start forest fires. The impact of the increased food and water will provide enough room in the ecosystem for reproduction. Cross River Gorillas will thrive without the harmful effects of forest fires and hunting.



  • Territorial
  • Moves nest


  • Herbivorous
  • Slender fingers

The new habitat will have to be very large because the Cross River Gorillas move their nest and are territorial towards other groups of gorillas. Because the gorillas are herbivorous, the habitat will need to be very lush so the gorillas can gather food.