FungusLab funginix

Ten percent of the public gets toenail fungus.

Is Something Yellow Growing on Your Toenails?

Ten percent of the public gets toenail fungus. Because it looks so unhealthy, people try to hide it by putting multiple coats of polish on the nails. Others take prescription medications for it. It's been found that toenail fungus products can cause liver damage, which is very scary. A new product has been introduced to the public and is getting some very good reviews. It's an anti-fungal product that contains many natural ingredients. Some people see results right away, while others must use it for a longer length of time before they see results.

Any age group can get a nail fungus. It's a thickening of the nail that can get so thick that it can't be clipped with toenail clippers. The toenail soon becomes a yellow color, while some are even gray or black. The FungusLab funginix product is a topical gel that is placed on the toenail after the feet have been cleansed and thoroughly dried and the toenail has been filed across the top and sides. The filing gives the nail a roughness that will soak up the gel. Once the gel is completely dry, after about 20 minutes, it will go to work. Many of the ingredients used in the formulation of the products to treat toenail fungus are natural. They contain tea tree oil, lavender, rose hip flower oil, clove oil and other essential oils.

Another treatment called FungusLab Purnail is used to treat toenail fungus. It also has natural ingredients in the formulation. Some of the treatments are sprays while some are gels or come in a pen type treatment. Each one is produced to give customers an easy way of putting the product on the toenails. Sprays can be used easily when people have trouble bending or seeing. Pens are very valuable when the treatment needs to be put exactly where it's needed, instead of all over the skin of the toes. Gels are great because it creates a barrier on the toenail.

These products are available online from the website and they come with a guarantee. If it's used for 60 days and no progress is seen, call the company and get your money refunded. It's a "no questions asked" policy. At the same time, it's worth the money and some time to find out if the product works.