Technology Rules For Parents

Rule # 1

You should log out of accounts because someone could hack it or have access to it.

Rule # 2

Don't talk or text while driving you could be in a accident.

Rule # 3

Have a password that is strong so that you can remember but nobody will be able to hack your account.

Rule # 4

Put a password on your devices so when you put your device down someone beside you can't get on it.
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Rule # 5

Don't put to much personal information on accounts or else someone could find out where you live and other things.

Rule # 6

When downloading a app make sure you look at if it is free or not or else if it was not free you will have to pay.

Rule # 7

Be carfull of what things you post on accounts because if you are filling out a job application they might look at somethings that you have posted on your account.

Rule # 8

Be careful when you are communicating with people on the internet because they might not look like the person in the pictures they have on there account.

Rule # 9

Don't click on links if you don't know where they are going to take you because it could be something inappropriate.

Rule # 10

Cover your webcams because someone could hack it and turn it on without you knowing.