Octavian to Augustus

By: Morgan Trinko

Background Information

Octavian grew up without a father but he had an uncle named Julius Ceasar. When Octavian was growing up, Julius was the dictator of Rome and he was leading a Civil War against his own country. While Julius was dictator, he realized that when he died he would need someone to take over for him. Since he had no son of his own, he adopted Octavian. Julius was eventually murdered by his advisors because they disliked him as a dictator, and Octavian took over. The first thing that Octavian did when he became ruler was end the Civil War in Rome.

What he did as emperor of Rome

(Side Note)

His original name was Octavian but he did many wonderful things while he was the ruler of Rome and was given the name Augustus. Augustus was a very significant name to have because it means "revered one"

When he first became ruler, he ended the civil war that Julius started. With no Civil War, he achieved many years of peaceful living, also known as Pax Romana, for the people in Rome. The next thing he did was follow a system of a dynasty, instead of following in his uncle's footsteps and becoming a dictator. The dynasty system in Rome worked very well for the government for many reasons. Some of the reasons why the dynasty worked was because the fate of the country didn't rely on one person anymore, decisions were made based off of the people, and the government system was much more organized. Rome was also expanded to egypt, northern spain, and large parts of central europe while Augustus was in power. He also re-built many structures and buildings that were destroyed in the Civil war. One of his most famous quotes was "I found Rome in a city of brick and left it in a city of marble." Augustus also developed a system of roads. Merchants, travelers, and messengers traveled along these roads. Augustus was famous for the development of these roads. There is also a saying called "all roads lead to Rome" because of the many roads that were built while Augustus was ruler.

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This is a picture of the road network in Rome

How George Washington and Augustus relate

George Washington and Augustus relate because they didn't abuse their power. After the Continental Army beat the British in the Revolutionary war, George Washington could have became king and had absolute power. He did not want to abuse the power of a king like King George III did, so he did not become king. When Julius Ceasar died, Augustus could have became a dictator. Instead, Augustus followed a system of a dynasty so he did not abuse the power of a dictator. He realized that he was in the strongest position of government yet, he did not abuse it.


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