Fight Song Service Project

Vaishnavi Vishwanathan

CCA Toy Drive

The CCA Organization helps the poor buy goods for the holidays and other times. They sell toys, food, clothing, and more for free for people that can't afford. I helped by buying/ contributing by going to Wal-Mart and buying a gift card to give to CCA Toy Drive so someone can use it. By giving the gift card I gave them a chance to have something for the holidays such as toys and turkey. Probably, I would do this again to help people in need and make them happy. I Recommend this to you too, because You can also help the poor live a better life and by letting them know that you care. Our class contributed to CCA and that is about 23 poor people benefited and that made them happy too, because they can have something for the holidays. Various presents like gift cards to dolls, hair sprays to handbags, and more galore in the stores isles that wait to cherish lives for others. We can't really stop bombs from dropping or something surprising like that, but you can make a small change at a time like moving pebbles to move a mountain.
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The Importance of Helping Others

It's important to help because people can benefit from it, get money for further needs, and most importantly they can stay healthy. Helping others will keep you happy too, and you will feel great. This will also improve our economy and our GDP rate. By donating $15.00 to CCA you can provide cans of food or 1-2 pairs of clothing. This will show others you care about them and it will change how this world is one step at a time. This will also make you happy and this assures you the title of being a good citizen. By helping others in need you can help others in hunger, in need of money, or education. If you help we can solve 1/2 of the worlds problems.

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Operation Kindness

Operation Kindness is a no-kill animal shelter and it keeps/saved more than 85,000 cats and dogs. These dogs and cats are sent to foster homes they provide medical care, clean shelter, nutritious food, and good playtime for the animals. I would like to be more involved in this because I can help dozens of animals get a friend and a life of their own with their masters. I would feel happy to help donate or volunteer, because it would make me happy too. In the fight song service project our objective is to help someone and operation kindness does that. Operation Kindness helps the animals get a home and if we help we can provide a friend/master for those animals.
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