Rules and Schedule

As a way to alleviate some of the problems we have had with the chromebook carts we are going to have a new scheduling system for their use. As we only have 136 chromebooks (for 670 students) please be sure to only schedule them during times they will actually be used. The schedules will be available in the computer lab hallway (2nd floor) and outside of Mr. DeCicco's room (3rd floor). Each cart has its own schedule:

Second Floor:

  • Green Cart (30 Chromebooks)
  • Red Cart (36 Chromebooks)

Third Floor:

  • Orange Cart (36 Chromebooks)

When scheduling please indicate the number of chromebooks you need in parenthesis after your name.

Example: Red Cart: Hoban (28)

  • In this example Mr. Hoban has checked out the Red Cart and is using 28 of the 36 chromebooks in the cart. There are 8 unused chromebooks.

This way if you have extra chromebooks your fellow teachers will be able to locate the cart and know how many are not in use. It is feasible that three classes could be using the chromebooks at the same time on the second floor.

Example: Red Cart: Hoban (28), Crawford (8)

Green Cart: Hood (16), Crawford (14)

  • In this example Mr. Hoban has the green cart checked out and is using 28 of the 36 on the cart. Ms. Hood has the red cart checked out and is using 16 of the 30 on that cart. Crawford was able to use 22 chromebooks for her class by combining the extra chromebooks from the two carts.

IMPORTANT: Each chromebook has a location (slot) in the cart, when finished with the cart please be sure to put the chromebooks in the correct location and use the charger designated for that location. After plugging in the Red or Orange carts, the "charge" button on the inside of the cart MUST be pushed. If you fail to push this button the chromebooks will not charge and the next class will not be able to use the chromebooks.

If you have connectivity issues each cart now has an access point attached to it. Plug the ethernet cable into an outlet to boost your wireless signal when using the cart in your classroom.

Always report any issues to Mr. Doyle and Ms. Brower, hoping this will smooth things over.